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Apr 7, 2010 10:00am EDT
those words with an announcement that it will seek a fine against toyota of $16 million for failing to notify officials . starting as off is dave shepardson of "detroit news." many people saw the headline -- regulators seeking a fine of $16.40 million against toyota. the statement said "if upheld." why does it say that? >> toyota gets to formally denied decide whether it wants to appeal the fine. this is by far the largest ever find that nhtsa has sought to impose. the previous was $1 million against general motors in 2004. the amounts are symbolic, given that these are companies with hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. $16 million is a rounding error for them. >> what happens next? have you heard from toyota? if it goes to court, how long would the process take? >> toyota has two weeks to respond and say they will pay the fine or challenge it. nhtsa has to decide if it is going to uphold the fine. if toyota continues to challenge it, they will go to the district court to get a job to uphold it. that process could take several months if toyota decides to fight it. >> the tra
Apr 7, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to the fine that nhtsa is seeking against toyota -- $16.40 million? >> if the evidence points to the fact that toyota was withholding information from regulators and the public it is appropriate. that fine level is relatively new. it is a new authority from the tread act that was passed in response to the ford at firestone issue -- the ford firestone issue. before that, the fine was down in the hundreds of thousands. we were the first ones to cross that million dollar barrel. ford was slow to report a windshield wiper defect that was a safety threat. going to $16 million, to the full extent of the law, sends a message to the industry that they are serious. >> i read one critics saying that "toyota embarrassed the agency and that is where this is coming from." what do you think? >> the agency's mission oriented. it does not have all of the tools it might need. it is usually outgunned by the global industry. this was critic for a national industry. we transitioned to a global industry. it is trying to maintain the rules. what you do is you find people who have gone over the rules and you ho
Apr 13, 2010 10:00am EDT
of that was volume, so toyota doesn't need to invent the car. all they have to do now is innovate a scale which is to mass produce at high volume. intel is incredible. pressure requires great quality but then great scale. >> innovation is spreading out like a thin layer across the world. all countries are catching up. that may be true in certain scientific and publishing areas where transparency are part of the academic culture or sort of collaborative culture but there are other areas of which i think some societies maintain some distinctive capabilities. we have tim brown from idopes which writes about designs and you have countries becoming user centered design platforms using the country as research capabilities to be able to say how do you take next generation's vital services to another level? what is government 2.0 really in terms of experience and so forth, and while the knowledge may spread out, you know, in terms of what you can read and cog that tively appreciate, the skills or finger knowledge of doing that work are still, in some respects being spread out in a less efficient way. >
Apr 20, 2010 10:00am EDT
be the maytag repair man waiting for the phone call, but we're more like toyota. >> i appreciate you being here. i very much acknowledge the great results on recruitment. that is a clear sign that the right climate has returned to the civil rights division. we have heard and you have told us about the regular meetings between the career attorneys and the political appointments, so that you have a seamless system, taking the best advice from the career attorneys. we very much appreciate that and applaud your efforts in that regard. i also appreciate that you started with fair lending appeared in these economic times, -- i also appreciate that he started with their lending. -- i also appreciate that you started with fair lending. we did not want to create a climate that is irresponsible -- we do not want to create a climate that is irresponsible. their brands administered -- there were programs administered by the fha which was tried to be justified based on economic realities. it held down a class of pe ople. wealth accumulation was based on the ability to own a home and getting the equity out o
Apr 8, 2010 1:00pm EDT
most people felt about the unions was that they had too much. that they should have been like toyota workers. these people during another day and time would have been union workers. instead of saying we won benefits like the four cells, they said these benefits destroy the company. that made gm not competitive. somehow i think the unions need to reintroduce themselves. most people know nothing about them. their range for good benefits and health care, and they resent that to because they're paying for it and we're not giving anything to them. somehow, you have to bring in the old history. their idea of a union worker is someone on an assembly line, a white guy and his 50s. you must make it relevant to young people from a lot of different places. you need to be on facebook, with twitter. the need to make the democrats look like they are respecting neyou. if you listen to the johnson tapes, is always speaking with someone -- he does not do anything without checking with the unions. when was the last time barack obama spoke to union? have not front? he has to appear at union functions a
Apr 9, 2010 1:00pm EDT
toyota a sudden unintended acceleration problem. two years ago, i saw an opportunity to finally enact health care with the election of a new president. thank president obama and speaker pelosi for finally making health care reform and reality in this country. perhaps the thing i am most proud of over 18 years is helping you, my friends, my neighbors, and my constituents. my staff and i have helped tens of thousands of constituents resolve problems and cut through red tape, problems such as helping secure benefits through the veterans or social security administration, or helping with a tax problem at the irs, or securing the middle of a service member who valiantly served our country. we have helped people secure local mail delivery service, and obtain the funds to weatherize their homes. these may seem like small things, but to me and my staff, they are some of the most important things we do. i want to thank the members of my staff. but here in northern michigan and in washington, d.c. some of you have been with me since the beginning of my congressional career, i chief of staff, my
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6